CCA Signs MOU with Jamaican Government on Kingston Redevelopment Project

March 15, 2017


CCA signed a MOU with the Jamaican government on a major redevelopment project in Kingston.

KINGSTON, JAMAICA – (March 9, 2017) CCA signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on March 9 with the Jamaican government on a major redevelopment project in Kingston, the country’s capital, marking another significant breakthrough in the Caribbean market.

The MOU was signed by Jamaican Prime Minister Andrew Holness and CSCEC Vice President Xuexuan Zheng. Also attending the signing ceremony were: Chinese Ambassador to Jamaica Qingbao Niu; Economic and Commercial Counselor Jianghong Fan; CCA South America President Tiger Wu; Executive Vice President Daniel Liu; and members of the visiting CSCEC delegation.

Phase I of the project includes the development of 17 ministries, departments and agencies, as well as other commercial and residential buildings, the National Museum and Jamaican Parliament. Phase II will add cruise terminals, light rail, transportation hubs and more commercial and residential buildings. This large-scale project will bring significant benefits, including improved office efficiency for Jamaican government agencies and organizations and a better living environment for the Jamaican people.

“The vision is to build buildings that represent the future of Jamaica; that show the aspirations of the Jamaican people; structures that when we look at them we can say we are leaving legacies for future generations,” Prime Minister Andrew Holness said.

He also noted that the development will also serve as a catalyst for the revitalization of downtown Kingston and its environs, particularly along the waterfront area. In addition, Prime Minister Holness highlighted that the government would “ensure that the regulatory environment works in an efficient and supportive way” and “ensure security for our Chinese partners who will be working in Jamaica.”

Ambassador Niu noted that the project is the first government facility project and the largest project signed between a Chinese state-owned enterprise and the Jamaican government. He said he believes that CCA will achieve rapid and sustainable growth in the Jamaican market. Before the signing, the CSCEC delegation visited Ambassador Niu at the Chinese Embassy, where he was briefed about CCA’s business aspirations and plans in the Caribbean and South America. Development opportunities in Jamaica also were discussed.

Achieving an increasing presence in the Caribbean and South American markets in recent years, CCA entered Jamaica in September 2016 and has since made significant progress in local business development.



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