At CCA, sustainability is at the core of our corporate philosophy. Because we believe good business targets long-term growth, we have adopted an approach that builds lasting relationships with our clients and partners and creates sustainable values for all stakeholders. As a result, CCA has achieved professional recognition, business success and a promising future.

Think Green

We minimize environmental impact by embracing sustainability. As a staunch advocate for the environment, we strive to make everything we touch greener, stronger and more enduring. Each year our parent company, China State Construction Engineering Corp. (CSCEC), invests millions of US dollars to reach this goal. We procure green building materials, invest in research and development for energy-efficiency innovations and cultivate sustainability awareness and eco-friendly business practices. By leveraging CSCEC’s global expertise and resources, as well as our experience in the US, CCA integrates best practices in the sustainable design and construction of each project and in our daily operations.

Build Green

To date, CCA has completed LEED-certified projects valued at more than $4 billion, and more are nearing completion. We are proud that the industry has recognized our commitment to sustainability. The Honors Residence Hall at University of South Carolina was the first LEED Gold-certified building on the campus. The New Construction Manhattan real estate agency described the LEED Gold-certified Riverhouse New York City Condo as one of the greenest condo buildings in Manhattan, recognizing the use of renewable energy and green technologies.

CCA also provides green solutions for heavy construction projects. Through prudent engineering redesign, careful material selection and effective recycling management, our team minimized the environmental impact, improved energy efficiency and reduced construction costs for the Alexander Hamilton Bridge rehabilitation project, the largest single-contract New York State Department of Transportation project completed to date.

Work Green

In addition to providing our clients with comprehensive solutions to achieve their sustainability objectives, CCA is committed to promoting green practices at our corporate headquarters in Jersey City, N.J. Our LEED Gold-certified office building has been fully renovated using eco-friendly materials. Our employees have adopted sustainable practices including recycling, double-sided copying and printing and purchasing eco-friendly office supplies. Through these measures, we hope to minimize our corporate environmental footprint, reduce operational costs and promote a green mindset among our employees.