Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is an integral part of CCA’s corporate culture. We believe in doing business in accordance with the highest standards to maximize benefits not just for our investors and employees but also for the communities in which we operate and society as a whole. Driven by this objective, the CCA team has worked tirelessly to become an industry leader that is able to make meaningful differences in society.

Our expertise in construction and real estate acquisition, investment and development enables us to contribute to our society in a special way. With our global expertise and vast pools of talent, CCA is able to give back to the society through the delivery of quality projects that directly benefit neighborhoods and communities. From expanding and strengthening public transportation systems to building secondary schools and higher-education institutions, as well as enhancing neighborhoods and residences and investing in public-private partnership projects, CCA welcomes the opportunity to improve our living environment.

In our quest to be socially responsible, CCA has partnered with a variety of organizations to engage in community development. We are also proactively facilitating investment and trade exchanges between China, the United States and other countries CCA works in to create long-term value for all stakeholders. As CCA continues to grow, we are thoughtfully planning more initiatives that will make a positive impact on society.

Sponsor to Make a Difference

CCA has sponsored a variety of causes that support socially beneficial objectives, including schools that educate the next generations, initiatives that advocate for innovations and higher industry standards, philanthropic endeavors to provide care for the very ill or disadvantaged groups and non-governmental organizations that promote economic and cultural exchanges between China and the United States. CCA takes prides in helping these groups reach their goals for the common good.

Educate and Inspire Bright Minds

The primary focus of CCA’s sponsorship programs is education. CCA has generously supported fundraisers and made donations to educational institutions. But the effort goes well beyond financial aid. As our businesses continue to hit milestones and reach new heights, MBA programs from top universities worldwide have invited us to share our management and operations experience in the hope of inspiring future managers and other businesses. These schools include Harvard Business School, Harvard University; Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania; Corporate Education Senior Leadership program, Duke University;  and Beijing International MBA program, Peking University. In 2012, our operations were documented in two Harvard Business School case studies for use at Harvard as well as among international business schools.

Invest in People

Believing people are our most valuable assets, CCA has been investing heavily in education for its employees, as well as students outside of the corporate family. In addition to providing scholarships and a wide selection of training programs for employees, we have established a comprehensive college relations program, CCA Crossings, to help college students and recent graduates bridge the gap between schools and industry while meeting our staffing needs.

Volunteer for Community Service

CCA encourages employees to volunteer for meaningful community services. We strive to initiate and facilitate volunteer activities that fully embrace our passion, capabilities and expertise to maximize our positive impact on society. When Hurricane Sandy hit the Greater New York area, CCA was among the first to volunteer. During blustery winters, CCA has assisted with snow removal with professional equipment. We also form teams to volunteer for sports and charity events such as the annual New York City Marathon.

US China Relations

As the 3rd and 4th Chairman of the China General Chamber of Commerce – USA (CGCC), CCA President Ning Yuan and his team at CCA are committed to collaborating with businesses from China and the United States to strengthen economic and trade relations. With 30 years of experience and a diverse and skilled workforce, CCA has worked hard to become the world-class company it is today. Through proactively sharing our experiences and networks with businesses in both countries, we hope to forge a long-lasting, win-win business environment for all stakeholders.